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❝ Ecstasy. From the Greek ekstasis. Meaning not what you think. Meaning not euphoria or sexual climax or even happiness. Meaning literally: a state of displacement, of being driven out of one’s senses.

— Jeffrey Eugenides 

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tylerkahl : You are slut! And look like a slut! All your blog posts and tattoos are slutty!


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Anonymous : that guy sounds like a fucking freak who was probably stalking you.

I doubt it. Stalking takes way too much effort and I’m not that compelling. Who has the time, really?

Anonymous : Maybe it was a woman that had you by the arm/danced with you? Bizarre. My point is that I saw you, and you looked so amazing. So, cheers! And cheers to the lad that will/has snatched you up!

Very strange. But cheers, yes. Thank you!

Anonymous : Maybe it was just someone in the bar that also looked like you? There's a chance of that, right? lol. I think there was a blonde woman (maybe she wasn't with your group) and another lad who had you by the arm? Your friend/boyfriend? I can't really recall. I feel like a peeper, so I shall close my mouth lol

I was with a blonde girl but there was no boy. So, perhaps it was somebody else. How strange.

Anonymous : That was you?! This is fucking bizarre. And I don't believe we are since I haven't had a Facebook in months. Then again, you have a unique face so it stood out (in a very good way). You seemed like you were enjoying yourself, so cheers!

Who are you!? Reveal yourself, masked one!

Anonymous : Had to text my more sober friend that night - dry bar?

What the fuck. Yes, I was there. Are we Facebook friends? Because I find it hard to believe you noticed me in there…

Anonymous : Trying to recall name of bar. I will get back to you haha

Please do!

Anonymous : You just come across as a stuck up person. i have friends. Plenty of them. You don't because you believe you are better than everyone. Need a hug.

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh, you rotten person.

Anonymous : You (or the girl that looked like you) were with a group of people so I didn't want to interrupt. But I swear it was you. Looked so much like you

The idea of me having a look-a-like, twin thing is amazing!

I wonder who would be the evil twin?

Anonymous : You don't have girlfriends for a reason.

Reason being?

I imagine you don’t have many friends yourself, dear. All that bitterness. People don’t surround themselves with bitterness. Do you need a hug?